A photo of tequila on a bar.

Our Tequilas

We Offer Over 125 Different Tequilas

Our name is inspired by the desert plant known as agavé.

Agavé is grown in many regions of Mexico. Whatever the original meaning of the word, what is important to us is what comes from the agavé plant… Tequila. Tequila is made by cooking the heart of the blue agavé plant, then distilling the liquid.

We wish to make your visit a unique dining experience. Here at Agavé Mexican Bistro we carry over 125 different Tequilas for you to enjoy. We bring authentic Mexican food to your table and invite you to pair it with your choice of a variety of matching beverages.

Choose one of our many specialty margaritas, or make up your own— Or choose to try some of our rare and delicious tequilas.